Zone 2/Hazardous Area Diesel Generators

  • ATEX Certified Zone II Diesel Generator Rental Packages

  • ATEX Certified Diesel Engines for the purpose driving pumps and other auxiliary equipment

  • Project Specific – Diesel Genset Design from 10 Kva – 2500 Kva

Hazardous Area Packages consist of the following items as a minimum :

  • IP Rated Alternator
  • Increased Safety Junction Boxes / Battery Boxes
  • Pneumatically / Electrically Operated Dampers
  • Local (and/or) Remote Genset Control Panels in Ex’d’ Enclosures
  • Fuel Cut-Off Solenoids
  • Air Intake Shut-Off Valves
  • Anti-Static Drive Belts
  • Spark Arrestor

Units can also be customized to meet the following Specs:

Group : II
Category: 3G
Gases group: IIB
Temperature class: T3
Reference to Standards and Directives: 94/9/CE “ATEX” – EN1834-1
Ambient temperature: -20 < Tamb < 50°C

Units with the above Specs, will come with the following as a minimum including all the above:

  •  Flame Proof Inlet Manifold
  •  Flame Proof Exhaust Manifold ( Water Cooled)
  •  Flame Proof Heat Exchanger (Water Cooled)
  •  Water Cooled Turbo
  •  Heavy Duty Radiator
  •  Spark Arrestor
  •  Atex Zone 1 Alternator ( 12 V 25 A)
  •  Atex Zone 1 Starter Motor
  •  Atex Zone 1 Starter Battery (12 V 100Ah)

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