Fire & Gas Detection And Suppression Systems

Supression Systems


Gaseous systems

A gaseous system has different agents which are used to suppress a fire, suppression agents which we provide are as follows:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • FM-200
  • Clean agents – inert gasses . i.e. NOVEC 1230
  • A typical system consists of the agent as well their storage containers, agent release valves, detectors & detection equipment, finally the dispersion nozzles.
  • These systems are designed for maximum protection, minimum storage space therefore reducing our client’s expenditure.

Water based Systems

marioff_logoThe system we use is known as the Hi-Fog system by Marioff, in partnership with our Australia dealer, we supply and install these systems for different industries here in Malaysia. This system is revolutionary – fighting a fire with the least amount of water. This will save you not only from expensive clean-ups but also this system can be used where machinery as well as expensive electronic equipment is present.

This system uses high pressured Nitrogen gas as a propellant, to drive the water stored in storage cylinders out specially designed spray heads to fight the fire. Upon discharge, the water is a fine mist which basically starves the fire of oxygen, hence extinguishing it.

Detection Systems

f&g_main2Fire and Gas Detection plays an important role in assets as well as people protection, this small initial investment will give clients a piece of mind knowing that their assets and people are protected around the clock by the market leading brands offered by us.


Sieger Gas Detectors

  • Flammable Gas Detectors
  • Toxic Gas Detectors
  • Open Path Gas Detectors


Spectrex Flame Detectors

  • Triple IR Flame Detectors
  • UV Flame Detectors


Tyco / Kidde Fenwall

  • Rate of rise Heat Detectors

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