Auxiliary Equipment

At WZS PowerGen, we are here to assist our clients with a one-stop-shop solutions for their engineering needs, as such our setup is done in such a way where by we can assist our clients to Design, Procure, Install and test all the related equipment, be it Safe Zone or Explosion Proof equipment. This is done to reduce our clients overall cost as well as time spent dealing with other sub-contractors.

WZS PowerGen can basically design the whole Power system as well as the overall protection of the whole system for our end user, not forgetting that all these equipment’s will also be used on other parts of the O&G facility, as such WZS PowerGen can also assist our client in the overall installation and hook-up of these equipment’s. Brands which we deal in together with our suppliers:

  • MoFlash Beacons & Sounders
  • E2S Beacons & Sounders
  • Roxtec MCT
  • Swagelok Tubing
  • SS316L Piping including installation
  • Various ICE 331 & 332 Cables
  • Instrumentation Installations & Testing & Commissioning Works
  • Weidmuller, Cooper as well as Excen Junction Boxers

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